Residents Rights

As people and as citizens of the towns, cities, state, and country we live there are rights that are giving to us. The Skilled Nursing Facility Resident has rights that are in addition to those already given us as citizens. One of the focuses for a Skilled Nursing Facility is to protect those Resident Rights. 

Residents in a Skilled Nursing Facility hRWCD Lounge Areaave the rights to direct their care options, question their medications, and request services. There are many myths about Skilled Nursing Services, one of which you have to give up assets, financial oversight, or other control, this could not be further from the truth. In short the Skilled Nursing Resident has an extra 39 rights than they had outside of the facility.

Per Elder Law Answers, 2014: “Nursing home residents’ rights are protected under federal law. In broad terms, nursing homes are required to ensure that every nursing home resident be given whatever services are necessary to function at the highest level possible.”

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