Skilled Nursing Facility

The Long Term Care industry has changed so much in the last 10 years; new types of complex patient services needed, different insurances, accountable care organizations, etc., the skilled nursing facility was what the hospital was 20 years ago.

Many of the acute care services can now be met by the Skilled Nursing Facility and programs are centered around continued progress with complex medical care. The vision of the Skilled Nursing Facility is to give a place of care for rehabilitative and wellness support. Working closely with physicians, therapists, and nursing to move the patient into a prior level of function status is the goal for the Skilled Nursing Facility.

Occupational Therapy GymPer Silver Connections LLC, 2012, “These communities are built for the elderly that require high-level medical care and are dependent on skills provided by the nursing home staff. These homes are built for the elderly with long term care needs including complex medical conditions and immobile seniors. “

Surgery Recovery often requires a short stay in a rehabilitation facility to become more independent. Therefore the age of the patient for the short stay situation is getting younger and elective surgeries are a large reason for admission.

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